Marilyn J. Owen, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


My first loves were John Denver and my guitar, then Marion Zimmer Bradley and Tolkien, then Shakespeare. But when I discovered Joseph Campbell and Jungian psychology, I broke up with them all.  Jung showed us the psyche is oceanic and mysterious, yet pointed to an approach that  leads to human sized fulfillment. 

The work of Carl Jung, integrated with somatic psychotherapy, expressive arts, poetry, and the teachings of Buddhism and other spiritual traditions, has helped me create a unique practice that serves the deep wisdom of the psyche by tending to the hurts, joys, fears, and hopes of being in this world. 

Because my work is deeply relational, and I am teller of stories from my own life (when they serve), I'll tell you a little more about me: I am a cisgender, straight, affirming ally of the LGBTQ community. I am a singer, songwriter, and poet. I am the mother of a grown son, have been mothered by a generous and sweet woman, and am a sister to two fabulous women. I've lost a parent, and two marriages: heartbreaks I will never forget. And, I've found love again after spending quality time alone in the belly of the whale. I know the territory. I know how to get out.  And, every day I'm still learning. 


Practice Focus

After 20 years of psychotherapy practice, I have developed a specialty in counseling artists, healers, teachers, writers, musicians, helpers, and all who are committed to their inner journeys. Millennials who want to save the world, but are still working on saving themselves. People navigating gender and sexuality spectra in a world that keeps trying to regress into binaries. Couples having kids after 40 and wondering what the heck happened to their marriage. Men and women coping with the aftermath of long ago trauma. Mid-and later-lifers wondering how to finally forgive their parents and get on with who they want to ...Etc. 

These are folks who have seriously come to realize that love, fulfillment, and wisdom starts on the inside. Sometimes, the work is done individually. Sometimes in the context of couples therapy. Sometimes, it's not work that is needed, but PLAY! Recovering the ability to be curious, creative, and calm are medicinal. 

Many clients are struggling with low self-worth, boundary issues, self-criticism, perfectionism, and the chronic  over-accommodation of others' needs which is often rooted in an early loss of self. The path out is unique to every person, but the process usually involves listening to symptom, dream, and inner voices, some honest talk in the usual way, some tears, some active imagining of what you really want and who you really are, and some laughter. With me, gently holding you accountable for  tending to your own well-being.  


My Commitment To You

My job--which I take very seriously-- is to be a loyal, dependable, honest, and fiercely compassionate witness to your work. I show up with my whole heart, mind, and body to walk beside you for as long as you invite me to do so. In order to do that well, I take my own inner work and well-being seriously. You know the old saying, we teach what we most need to learn?  I've spent the last 20+ years studying and practicing and teaching in this area. I've got what it takes to help you. Are you ready?