Recommended Reading/Watching (not a complete list!)


When the Body Says No, by Gabor Mate, MD

Actually, just read anything he has written or watch any of his videos (here is one ). He has his finger on the pulse of the latest understandings of trauma, addiction, illness, and healing our culture's deep wounds. 

Active Hope, by Joanna Macy

Joanna Macy is where Buddhism, activism, eco-psychology, poetry, and hard earned wisdom come together. 

anything by Daniel Siegel, MD

Seriously, the man has so many titles I can't begin to choose one. Of of the most prolific, articulate, wise, and brilliant writers from the last couple of decades. Dan writes about parenting, trauma, attachment, mindfulness, and the field he helped create: interpersonal neurobiology.  See this video about contemporary parenting. 

Body Wise, by Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD

Her book, Body Wise, is a terrific resource for up to date advice from an integrative medical doctor. 

The Fibro Manual, by Ginerva Liptan, MD

The Fibro Manual was  very helpful during a recent flare up. I highly recommend taking it with you on your next MD visit. 


Recommended Conference

BodySoul Rhythms in Practice

The Marion Woodman Foundation is hosting a 5 day conference at The Retreat@Pacifica to allow experienced BodySoul Rhythm practitioners--as well as those who are new to the work--to learn and deepen this foundational art of transformation. Teachers trained by the Woodman Foundation will be using movement, voice, and creative expression to embody and relate to the images that arise from dreams, sensations, emotions, memories, and symptoms. 

Marion Woodman's seminal contributions to the integration of Jungian and Somatic Psychology cannot be understated. She was among the first to deeply explore the feminine consciousness as it resides in and relates to the female body. Her work  evolved to explore the necessity of the integration of feminine and masculine in all genders, and provided a unique path toward that wholeness: BodySoul Rhythms. 

Participants Will:


  • Learn how to create a safe container for psychological work including theoretical underpinnings.
  • Understand the role and value of dreams and dream images in the body and psychological development.
  • Understand the role of the body in psychological processes and psychological growth.
  • Learn techniques in relating to symbol and metaphor in dreams and in somatic awareness.

To learn more about Marion Woodman:


Feb 24-28, 2020
5pm Monday – Noon Friday

Program includes Dinner on Monday evening through Lunch on Friday


  • 650.00 General Rate
  • $25.00 Continuing Education Credit (30 hours available)

Housing: Overnight accommodations are available at Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Ladera Lane Campus