image and imagination as pathways to well-being

TheSoul@Play Workshops

“Body work is soul work. Imagination is the bridge between body and soul. To have healing power, an image needs to be taken into our body on the breath. Only then can the image connect with the life force. Only then can things change.”

Marion Woodman



The quote above expresses a core tenet of  Depth Psychology: that there is healing wisdom available to us through the images of the Psyche. Images that come through our own imagination. Images that come in the form of daily feelings, thoughts, sounds, colors, memories, visions, sensations, dreams, fantasies, etc. Images that are streaming through us virtually ALL THE TIME. 

And yet, we forget. Or discount. Or get distracted by other images—the shiny ones coming from electronic screens—that feed fears and fantasies which are not necessarily OURS. This makes us unavailable to hear what is being asked of us by the Soul, who is always patiently waiting for our attention. 

So, let’s patiently allow ourselves to open. Let’s re-member our lost selves. Let’s invite the inner child to return—the who was sent to her room so the adult could focus on the difficult tasks of adulting. Let’s explore all the ways to elicit an image: recalling the dream or song you woke up with, noticing our unconscious gestures, visualizing what colors want to be scrawled on the empty page, or turning our attention inward to the sensations in the body RIGHT NOW. All of these are ways to find and follow Soul, with curiosity and patience. 


We will be practicing

  • Ways of deeply attending to ourselves
  • Ways of expressing what we see, hear, and feel
  • Ways of understanding what we need to know
  • Ways of applying what we've learned about ourselves

All this is in service of learning practices you can use the rest of your life--and teach your children, clients, and loved ones-- for greater self-knowledge, self-compassion, self-care, self-worth, self-efficacy. 


To be determined


Workshops are for anyone wishing to find, recover, connect to their innate creativity to explore their inner landscape., with the support of a group of like-minded souls. Although this work is often deeply therapeutic, the workshops are for educational purposes only. No prior art experience is needed. It is recommended that you were, at one time, a child. Previous experience in therapy is helpful, but not necessary. 

The Soul@Plah is facilitated by a seasoned, licensed, therapist-educator trained in Jungian and Somatic approaches to healing and well-being. Marilyn is also a former poet, once-in-awhile songwriter, frequent singer, clumsy dancer, mediocre actor, one-time sculptor, family cook, brown-thumb gardener, avid journaller, stick-figure-sketcher, guitar noodler, and sidewalk chalk doodler. 


30 W. Mission Street #5

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

How Much

Series of three mini-workshops is $150.00

One day-long workshop is $150.00


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